Airport Technology


The Airport Technology is the one of the transport 
sector that TPT is emphasized on high technology with 
professionally-trained in vary experiences such as

– Electrical Low Voltage SCADA System
– Air Field Lighting Control System
– Road Lighting SCADA System
– Fuel Hydrant Network System
– Problem Solving Automatic Garbage System
– Self Central Clock – SCC
– Text Moving Display System
– BI – Dashboard Solution (On-going)
- Mobile Application

Site Reference

- Suvarnbhumi International Airport (BKK), Thailand
- Donmueang International Airport (DMK), Thailand
- Changi International Airport, Singapore
- Hatyai International Airport (HDY), Thailand
- Bangkok Air Catering, BKK Airport
- Bangkok Flight Service, BKK Airport
- Thai Airway Cargo, BKK Airport